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21 October 2010 @ 07:29 pm
Behind the Bra: Chapter 7  
Title: Behind the Bra.
Fandom: FT Island, C.N. Blue, Mblaq, Shinee
Length: chaptered.
Status: ongoing.
Pairing(changes by the chapter): JooMi, JongKi, SeungHwan, ShinMin, Hinted!OnKey, 2Min.
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Yaoi, slight Angst and some hurt/comfort.
Summary: Kyungheesung School was not a regular school, and when Mir was handed a single female student uniform, he gulped harshly. Well, that was just the beginning.
A/N: I removed JongYong because I don’t feel like writing it in this fic!!!! But, I will continue to love them, the same for Jaebin/Wonjae. Jaejin is single and happy! let him enjoy his singleness and make him the cool one... maybe? ha ha and I love maybe!Jonghyun(cnb)/Hongki(fti)