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03 January 2011 @ 09:44 pm
[FT ISLAND] (1/1) My Heart is Filled with You  
Title: My Heart is Filled with You
Author: chiharu
Characters/pairing: Seunghyun/Minhwan
Rating: G
wordcount: ~3500
Summary: Seunghyun brings kittens home. Glaring negligence ensues.

(The last time Seunghyun promised to take care of something, Minhwan ended up sitting on a cupholder in the back row of a four-seater as they searched around Seoul for an identical copy of Jaejin’s customized ipod. Seunghyun blamed Kibum for getting Jaejin such a hard present to replace. Minhwan blamed Seunghyun for sitting on it with his big butt.)